Student / Alumni Sharing

Student / Alumni Sharing

Miss Shirlyne M’mbone Ingolo

Associate – Client Servicing, AlphaSights

The MScBM programme has opened up doors for me to work with fresh start-ups in Hong Kong and the experience I’ve gained so far is invaluable. It also helped me clearly define what specific aspect of the business I'm most passionate about. I feel more confident in the industry and I'm in a better position to make informed decisions! View more

Miss Teri Paras

Management Trainee, Kerry Logistics

Beyond the academic concepts I was taught in class, what I value most from my MScBM experience were the life lessons I learned and the friendships I formed throughout my year-long journey. In HKBU, I was exposed to a nurturing environment with a supportive group of classmates, professors and staff, who all helped me remain steadfast in pursuing my goals and challenged me to do my best at all times. With the help of the programme, I was able to successfully navigate the Hong Kong job market as a non-local and eventually land a job here. View more

Mr Garry Deng

IT Consultant, FDM Group

The 1-year MScBM programme provided me with the opportunity to unlock my confidence and potential, and as a result, I believe I am now better equipped to strategically tackle and resolve problems in both my future career and in my personal life. Through this experience, I was able to take a variety of courses that taught me a wide-range of knowledge, skills, and meet classmates whom I’ve become lifelong friends with. For those wanting an all-encompassing education in a warm school environment within the bustling city of Hong Kong, look no further than HKBU’s MScBM programme! View more

Miss Elise Guo

Project Manager, China Merchants Godown Wharf & Transportation Co. Ltd.

All the professors of the MScBM programme are knowledgeable and helpful. They are more than willing to help with almost everything. More importantly, I learned a lot of things which are beyond the book, such as how to be a good leader and communicate with colleagues in a more effective way. View more

Mr Benson Lau

Assistant Project Leasing Manager, K11 Concepts Ltd.

This one-year study at HKBU is one of the most fruitful years in my life. Besides regular classes, there were also many competitions and workshops organised by the programme. I also established a club together with my classmates which nurtured my leadership and organisation skills. During the study, I tried to explore as much as I could as being a full-time student. I have learned that life is about exposure and at the same time it is about finding yourself. View more

Miss Tiffany Cho

Agency Marketing & Promotion Officer, BOC Group Life Assurance Co. Ltd.

Earning a Master Degree from HKBU has proven to be the toughest challenge I have faced. Yet it was all worth it as I am about to enter a new chapter in my life. The caring and supporting professors taught us not only insightful lessons and theories, but also shared their work experience with us. The dynamic programme, with its interesting and insightful seminars, workshops and corporate visits really inspired us, while the pro-active and friendly staff made us feels right at home. Meeting amazing people and making lifelong friends from different cultures made this experience even more fulfilling. View more

Miss Kelly Zhao

Graduate Trainee, China Mobile Hong Kong

The one-year MScBM programme was a meaningful and valuable experience. I especially appreciated the friendship that developed with my classmates. We all worked hard on every project and examination, helping each other to reach our common goal of academic excellence. I can say that we played as hard as we worked, making the best of our life in Hong Kong. I could never have dreamed that being a member of the HKBU Dance Sport Society would do so much for my confidence, as well as for my commitment to HKBU! View more

Miss Priscilla Hu

Officer, China Taiping Insurance Group Ltd.

The MScBM programme is both very diversified and practical. An atmosphere of creativity and inspiration permeates the classroom, the result of having classmates with such different backgrounds. For those coming without a business background, this special ambience made it easier to learn and understand the principles of business and management. For students with a business background, the programme enabled them to integrate management theories with practice. In addition, the numerous workshops complemented our formal training with a set of additional skills to better prepare us not only for a business career, but also to actively engage with society. View more

Mr Alex Chen

MScBM graduate

I enjoyed cooperating with students from different backgrounds for the group projects. Through the projects, I learned the hands-on skills in doing research and formulating marketing plans for real companies. View more

Miss Wendy Li

MScBM graduate

The MScBM programme at HKBU was very challenging. The programme covers, in depth, certain business disciplines that were unfamiliar to me such as marketing, human resources management and business operations. Nevertheless, the programme was very interesting, especially the business creativity course. Not only did the programme helped me broaden my horizons and improved my problem-solving skills, but I also had the opportunity to join the business field study in Taiwan. This was truly an inspiring and valuable experience. I am also grateful to have had the chance to participate in numerous group projects and, in the process, learn from so many talented people coming from all over the world. View more

Miss Cara Zhu

MScBM graduate

Pursuing studies in Hong Kong was a dream come true, a major step in preparing for the future. By engaging actively in all aspects of the programme, I cultivated a practical business sense and a keen realization of the importance of teamwork. Immersing myself in the local lifestyle, I made several friends while exploring the many wonders of this international city. I also learned a lot from internship and job hunting. Indeed, this period of independence endowed me with the confidence and the resolute attitude needed to succeed in life. View more

Miss Lene Wang

MScBM graduate

Learning is a life-long process that can be difficult at times. However, HKBU is that kind of special place where one never feels lonely. The friendship and support of the staff and of my classmates gave me the determination to overcome these challenges. HKBU made me realize that there is still a long way to go, but, more importantly, to embrace this learning journey. View more

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