Student / Alumni Sharing

Student / Alumni Sharing

Miss Shirlyne M’mbone Ingolo

Associate – Client Servicing, AlphaSights

The MScBM programme has opened up doors for me to work with fresh start-ups in Hong Kong and the experience I’ve gained so far is invaluable. It also helped me clearly define what specific aspect of the business I'm most passionate about. I feel more confident in the industry and I'm in a better position to make informed decisions! View more

Miss Gloria Mensah

Business Industry Research Analyst, BPS-Dallas, Texas

From studying at a world-class institution to making new friends from all over the globe, my one-year spent at HKBU has created memories that will last a lifetime. I had the opportunity to learn from world class lecturers and professionals, who helped in redefining my understanding of Business Management. The MScBM programme has helped me to further develop my problem-solving and critical thinking skills. In addition, I enjoyed being part of a diverse cultural group, consisting of students from Hong Kong, Mainland China, the USA and India. One big thing I have learned while studying at HKBU is that, everyone – all staff and students, are there to support you. View more

Miss Rahma Facil

Working full-time in Hong Kong

When I first applied to HKBU, I wasn’t expecting that I would be living in Hong Kong since graduation. I received all the necessary support from the staff at the School of Business, who helped me to settle down and made my journey easier. I visited incredible places and met amazing people. I also got the chance to meet prestigious professors that not only filled my brain with knowledge, but also gave me advice and guidance outside of the classroom. It was such an incredible year full of opportunities and I am foreseeing much more to come. View more

Mr Olufemi David Isijola

Project Supervisor, Pathway Education Holding Limited in Hong Kong

My experience at the HKBU School of Business is unforgettable. Apart from engaging with a great faculty that gave me an incredible academic experience, the School offered me unique opportunities to express my creativity. During my one-year of study I worked closely with the Global Engagement Section as a student ambassador and actively represented the HKBU School of Business Toastmasters Club, and I have gained several awards to account for it. If you are looking for a business school to build intellectual capacity and leadership competence, HKBU is the place to be. View more

Mr David Djan

Working full-time in the Wealth Management sector in Hong Kong

After being in the accounting industry in Ghana for over 8 years, I wanted to make a career change to finance, and I am particularly interested in wealth management. Hong Kong, being the financial hub of Asia with a high expatriate population, is the ideal destination to kick start my career in the wealth management sector. I very much appreciate the Hong Kong government’s policy of granting international fresh graduates the opportunity to stay in Hong Kong for 12 months after graduation. With HKBU working persistently to prepare its students with the requisite skills needed for the job market, the chance of securing a job after completing the MScBM programme is very high. View more

Miss Kanguro Getrud Shindimba

MScBM graduate

HKBU nurtures leaders for the future. Indeed, in the business sense, they set you up for it. The environment is diverse and well thought out. It is tailored to fit the future we all want – global and diverse. The School of Business’ approach is unique in the sense that it cares about its students very much. That is always refreshing to see and experience, especially in the face of the pandemic and prevailing circumstances. I have gained so much and am thankful for having the opportunity to study at HKBU. View more

Mr Ademola Joel Osho

Lead Consultant, and

I believe that a crucial part of building and expanding a solution-based approach to national, individual and corporate issues involve interdisciplinary training, novel ideas and inspiring visions that hinge on strategic ethical decisions based on scientific knowledge. I received sound insights in providing solutions to clients’ problems across different countries using the research, business creativity and presentation skills which I garnered from my classes at HKBU. The blend of international curriculum, triple-accreditation of the HKBU School of Business, seminars, teachings, network, exchange and internship opportunities, and highly qualified faculty are key reasons to study at the HKBU School of Business. View more

Miss Maryia Alchykava

Replenishment Specialist, PVH Corp. (an American clothing company) in Russia

Being located in one of the biggest financial hubs and one of the best student cities in the world, HKBU is a unique choice for international business students. The School of Business offers very interesting courses taught by professors from different countries. Outside of the classroom, the Career Centre provides students with various consultations regarding our CVs, cover letters and job interviews. The Career Centre also shares useful tips and guidance on how to become more successful during our job hunting process. Furthermore, students at the HKBU School of Business are able to enjoy a great student life with a lot of networking events and opportunities. Thank you HKBU for this amazing experience! View more

Miss Paula Zeltina

MScBM graduate

Studying at the HKBU School of Business has not only broadened my knowledge, but also enhanced my personal skills. It was an opportunity to develop leadership qualities through various group projects, and practice adaptability when working with people from diverse backgrounds. My eagerness to learn and my inquisitiveness were well received by the professors and thoroughly supported with feedback on how I could further grow and develop. HKBU is a great choice for those who wish to follow a comprehensive and contemporary curriculum. View more

Mr Mason Nystrom

Senior Research Analyst, Messari

I chose to study in Hong Kong because I knew it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity, something that I couldn’t pass up. My favorite part about being in this incredible city is the people. Through the HKBU programme, I met people from all parts of Asia, Europe, Canada, and partook in cultural experiences that really influence the way that I look at life. Living in Hong Kong has shown me different cultures and unique life experiences, not to mention great dim sum. View more

Miss Heidy Natalia Kindy

Senior Associate (Advisor), Assurance Services, Deloitte Indonesia

Studying at the HKBU School of Business has been an amazing, life-changing experience that has not only broadened my academic knowledge, but has also given me the opportunity to expand and reflect on my own worldview. The professors I met are all passionate to share their knowledge and experiences. The student interactions – both inside and outside the classroom – offered me a globalised perspective, preparing me to work in a global setting after graduation. Extra appreciation for the Career Services Section and the Global Engagement Section of the School of Business, which have arranged various activities that enabled me to connect with other international students, as well as an inspiring network of alumni. View more

Miss Therese Paras

Key Account Supervisor (e-Commerce), Kerry Logistics in Thailand

Studying at the HKBU School of Business has been a wonderful, life-changing experience that not only broadened my academic knowledge, but also gave me the opportunity to interact with individuals from various backgrounds and disciplines. The classroom environment is very nurturing, and the professors are all passionate about helping students understand the lessons as much as they can. Overall, the dynamic atmosphere at the HKBU School of Business and Hong Kong as a whole has definitely expanded my worldview and facilitated not only my intellectual development, but my personal and career growth as well. View more

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