Enrichment Activities

The Programme features a series of “live learning” activities to help you develop practical business skills and closer links with business executives and enterprises.

Business Field Study

The Business Field Study is a required course in the MScBM Programme, offering students valuable insights into the business world. Students will visit a location of current business significance, participating in company visits, seminars, and cultural activities to fully immerse themselves in the local business environment and culture. These visits to local multinational corporations and other business organizations will give students practical, hands-on business knowledge.

Executive Development Series

The Executive Development Series supplements our curriculum with a programme of activities designed to help you get a better understanding of the wide range of practical skills needed to succeed in business.

Seminars and company visits enables you to network with business leaders and gain insights on current business issues, while skill workshops equip you with critical skills in leadership, communication and professionalism. The Career Development Series features career-focused workshops that prepare graduates for the job market.

International Exchange Programme

Our International Exchange Programme gives you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and prepare you to thrive in today’s globalized business world.

Immersed in a different culture with one of our numerous exchange partners, you can experience the rewards and challenges that come from living and working in a foreign environment.

Sharings from Students

Mr Garry Deng

Mr Garry Deng

Exchanged to LUISS Business School, Italy

My summer exchange in Rome gave me not only the chance to experience life in different cities across Italy, but also across Europe. Having never been to Europe before, the experience truly was eye opening and I’m glad I took the opportunity to study with other students in LUISS Business School’s MBA class. Altogether, through this summer exchange, I was able to widen my view of the world, and I will never forget the days spent eating pizza and gelato while strolling, exploring and travelling through the ancient streets of Rom.”

Miss Yin Qianting, Ophylia

Miss Yin Qianting, Ophylia

Exchanged to JAMK University of Applied Science, Finland

To get along with peers from all around the world is COOL!. The students there were really diversified, coming from 16 countries and I could have better understanding of different culture. Besides studies, we had been to picturesque forests and lakes, warm red cottages, and joined crazy international parties. We swam in frozen lakes, travel on boats and pedaled up hills. As the sky was always clear in summer, we rambled around the city of Jyvaskyla in midnight, and held roof party at the last night before we parted.

Miss Feng Baobao, Sissi

Miss Feng Baobao, Sissi

Exchanged to IESEG School of Management, France

It is my dream to visit Paris, as it is one of the most attractive places in the world, especially for its sightseeing spots. I was excited when I knew I could study there. IESEG is one of the most famous universities in Europe. During my study, I not only learned a lot of knowledge, but also got to know myself better. Thanks to HKBU for giving me such a good chance to learn.