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Change is happening faster than ever, and to stay ahead, one needs to anticipate future business challenges coming from all directions.

Global Recognition

The MScBM programme ranks global top 100 in the Financial Times Masters in Management (MiM) list in 2021, marking its third time being recognised.

Holistic Curriculum in Business

Our MScBM Programme's holistic curriculum helps young business executives and fresh graduates develop the mix of skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a business world powered by the digital economy, innovations, big data, entrepreneurship and creativity, while giving them a solid foundation in fundamental business disciplines.

Multi-modal and Global Learning

Combining rigorous academics with a rich array of transformational activities such as field studies and international exchanges, our programme immerses students in a dynamic, multifaceted and cross-cultural educational experience tailored to the changing business world.

Diversified Ambience On Campus

Our faculty and students, originating from a mix of countries, cultures, academic and professional backgrounds, are vital contributors to our rich and diverse communities and perspectives.

Programme: Business Management
Degree Awarded: Master of Science
Degree Type: Taught Master
Year of Entry: 2024
Programme Duration: 1 year (Full-time)
Funding Nature: Self-financed
Tuition Fee: HK$393,000 (for non-local students); HK$301,000 (for local students)
Study Location: Hong Kong
Admission Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with good English proficiency
Application deadline:

1 Apr 2024

FACULTY: School of Business