Scholarships & Financial Aids


International Postgraduate Scholarship

International Postgraduate Scholarship

All eligible international applicants are automatically considered for our International Postgraduate Scholarship, which is offered to outstanding international students based on their all-round record and interview performance. Recipients will receive a full tuition waiver and a living allowance of HK$100,000 (approx. US$12,820).

MScBM Diversity Contribution Scholarship

MScBM Diversity Contribution Scholarship

This scholarship is attributed to new entrants who can enhance the diversity of the programme based on criteria like their international exposure, cultural experiences, overseas education, work experience, special achievement and talents. The scholarship amount ranges from HK$50,000 to full tuition waiver.

MScBM Entrance Award

The MScBM Entrance Award offers financial support of up to HK$40,000 to new entrants with distinguishing qualifications.

Graduation Academic Awards

The Graduation Academic Awards reward students for their academic achievements in their MScBM.

  • Distinction Award

    MScBM students who have attained a cumulative GPA of 3.67 to 4.0 at graduation (subject to the same conditions applied to the Distinction academic standing) will be granted a Distinction Award worth HK$10,000.

  • Merit Award

    MScBM students who have attained cumulative GPA of 3.40 to 3.66 at graduation (subject to the same conditions applied to the Merit academic standings) will receive a certificate as recognition of their achievements.


Financial Aid

Continued Education Fund (CEF)

The MScBM programme has been included in the reimbursable course list of CEF. Eligible applicants will be reimbursed for 80% of their fees, subject to a maximum sum of HK$10,000, on successful completion of one or more reimbursable modules forming part of the programme.

Please click for the application and reimbursement procedures or call the CEF 24-hour enquiry hotline at 3142 2277.

Institution Name Hong Kong Baptist University
Institution Code 006
Course Title Business Law and Corporate Governance
(Module from "Master of Science in Business Management")
CEF Course Code 23Z089140

Non-means Tested Loan

Local students are eligible to apply for the Non-means Tested Loan Scheme provided by the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency of HKSAR. For details of the application procedures.

Non-means Tested Loan