To meet the different scheduling needs of students, the MScBM curriculum itself is flexible in providing students with the options of completing the programme in one-year full-time mode or two-year part-time mode.  The required courses for both full-time and part-time mode are identical.

One-Year Full-time Mode of Study
The full-time class is held on campus and students can complete the whole programme in a year.  However, students can choose to extend the normal study period by a summer or semester by participating in or benefit from the International Exchange Programmes recognised by the School.  Students can apply for a transfer of credits gained to replace the two elective courses (6 units).

Two-Year Part-time Mode of Study
The part-time class can complete the whole programme in 2 years.  Classes are held on campus on 2 to 3 weekday evenings per week.  Some elective courses may be held at weekends.

The MScBM Programme consists of 11 courses (equivalent to 33 credit units) : 9 core courses and 2 elective courses.  Under special circumstances, students may take a maximum of 2 courses from the School's specialised Master's Degree programmes to replace the 2 elective courses.

More information on Core Courses and Elective Courses.