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Welcome to the new intake of MScBM students from across 13 nationalities

03 Sep, 2020
A warm welcome to the MScBM class of 2020!  The orientation was held online on 3-4 September, embarking on the learning journey of the new intake of students from across 13 nationalities worldwide.
At the beginning of the orientation, Prof. Ed Snape, Dean of Business, expressed his warmest welcome to the new students and hosted the class opening ceremony with Prof. Huang Xu, Associate Dean of Business and Director of the MBA & MScBM programmes.  They struck onto a gong together to mark the beginning of the MScBM learning journey.
Prof. Huang Xu delivered a keynote speech on “Duty of Leaders” in times of crisis.  He aspired our MScBM graduates to be responsible leaders.  Dr. Brandon Ng, Associate Director of the MBA & MScBM programmes, introduced the programme information and helped students better prepared for the intensive one-year study life.
A team building session was held afterwards, which required students’ teamwork to accomplish the assigned mission – climb up to the Mount Everest virtually.  The team had to think on their feet and work out the best strategy to achieve the mission.  The session greatly enhanced the class dynamics.
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