Life in Hong Kong

A true education is not confined to the classroom. With its privileged location at the confluence of China and the West, its unique role in history and its sheer energy, Hong Kong is the ideal backdrop for a 21st century education.
Hong Kong’s role as one of the world’s leading financial centres is amplified by its proximity to China. As the preferred location for thousands of multinationals and home to a diverse and globally minded society, Hong Kong is an ideal base for students seeking to experience life in a global city while preparing for a career in business.
Studying in Hong Kong also means living in one of the world’s greatest cities. Hong Kong’s dramatic setting never fails to awe newcomers. The mere sight of its famous skyline - a forest of buildings anchored by the Peak and facing one of the world’s most beautiful harbours - is enough to inspire even the most blasé visitors. With more than 40% of the territory reserved for natural parks, greenery is Hong Kong’s hidden secret. A challenging hike or a day at the beach makes it easy to forget about balance sheet and ROI.
Eating is very much at the core of Hong Kong’s identity. Adventurous foodies will be befuddled by a plethora of choices ranging from humble dai pai dongs to Michelin-starred restaurants. Add in the pulsating nightlife and a buoyant arts scene, and you will understand why Hong Kong is the natural gateway to China and Asia.
If New York never sleeps, Hong Kong never stops. There’s no better place to nurture your future than under the Lion Rock, where commerce and finance collide with science, the arts, heritage and fun with immense energy and a contagious enthusiasm.